AIO Tool (17.07.2014)

nt" and "TRANE8881")

Changes in each version you can see them in LOG FILE
Changes in
-changes in code
-CUSTOM MAP has been modified (now you can change map with any image you want,the map requirement are writed on CUSTOM MAP form)
-removed maps from the AIO executable,you can download the maps from CUSTOM MAP form
-now size of AIO has been reduced from almost 8 MB to 2.6 MB
-added HELP and LOG labels in AIO too
-updated HELP and LOG menu
-remove last updated and replaced by a new updater by MALWARE442
-removed console(black cmd console) when you press INJECT button

You can any time to look in HELP FILE for learn how to use it


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Game Launcher Tool v1.0

How to?

1. Enter your Account Details
2. Click "Create Launcher"
3. Start 1 Game

Multiple Games:

4. Click "Unlock 3 Games"
5. Start 2 Game
6. Start 3 Game
7. Click "Patch Game 1"
8. Click "Patch Game 2"
9. Click "Patch Game 3"

@malware442 @aly1234 might now write a bot wich works for this 3 games , should be easy now , simple name the clicks :

ControlClick("1", "", "", "left", 2, 768, 273) 1= Game Window 1 
ControlClick("2", "", "", "left", 2, 768, 273) 2= Game Window 2 
ControlClick("3", "", "", "left", 2, 768, 273) 3= Game Window 3 

Game 1 -Invite Game 2 & Game 3 , then Game 1 Leave and Game 2 & 3 Drive & get class registered Achievements

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DriftTrainer v1.0 (17.07.14)

[Изображение: image.php?di=8SP1]
How to use:
1) Start the game
2) Run DrifTTrainer.exe

Flexible configuration options drift
Acceleration of the car - if you do not have time to get out of the drift, or to get up to speed, hold Tab or Shift

new style

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NFS World LiveTrainer 1.4y by Keule306 (20.06.2014)

Doensn't Require Cheat Engine. Enj0y!

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BOT A LOT V3.x (20.06.2014)

* Auto Anticheat Bypass
* Auto Window Resize
* Auto Hide Car /Name 
* Auto Temp Ban Bypass
* Password for ArtMoney = dot68
* F6 -Panic Key (Disable Cheats & Instant Close)

Greetz to: Desynchronised Player, Berkay2578, & Keule306 

Bot.dll by GamerZ

Happy Farming 

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NFS Vinyl Artist (20.06.14)


How to use:

Start Game
Enter Vinyl Shop
Start Hack 
Load the Desing you want
Save & Enjoy

The best Designs
Import function (to add more vinyls)
Layers Bot (no boring self adding)
Picture preview
Garage Cam & Garage Light - Design free


Some Designs require Driver Level 30 !
Its recommend to delete the old folder first from here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Vinyl Artist

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