iBot (12 in 1) (build 1594)


Mystery Cards
Drag Race (MP)
Pursuit (6 sec. + x4 or x8 Speed Options)
SP.Race (Singleplayer Racing Bot + x4 or x8 Speed Options)
Sandboxie (TeamEscape Farming Bot + 0,01 sec. win)
Sandboxie (Race /Drag)
Group Race (Sandboxie Racing Bot -Sprint, Circuit & Drag)
TeamEscape(MP) (TeamEscape Bot /High-Stakes etc.)
Vinyl (Unlock Car Artist)
Paint (Unlock Fresh Coat)
Skill Bot (Auto Sells 1 & 2 Star Skil`s)
Part Bot (Auto Sells 1 & 2 Star Part`s)


+ Improved all Races (Handling)
+ Part Bot 
+ Sandboxie (Drag /Races)
+ Group Race (Race with Friends)
+ Gui Changed / F11 Panic Key / Script changes etc.
+ Universal Keyboard Support

Why iBot ™?

Cause iBot ™ has all possible nfsw bots in 1 little tool, also iBot ™ is 100% clean and do not access the Internet as other crap bots do 


Geri (Handling) Berkay2578 (Handling Converting) Desynchronised (Father of all MultiBot`s) Keule306 (Special Walls)Devrim (Oldschool Tank) GamerZ (Antihack & Autofinish)